On A Septic System? Take care of it and it will take care of you.

New septic systems are very expensive so be careful not to abuse your septic tank and drainfield/leachfield. Here are a just few ways to make your septic system last as long as possible.

Water conservation

  • Reduce water as much as possible by using lower flow aerators on faucets, water conserving shower heads on showers, and ultra high efficiency toilets that flush 1.25 gallons per flush. Older toilets can use 4 gallons and more per flush!
  • Wait until the dishwasher and washing machine is full to run it.
  • Repair or replace drippy faucets and leaky toilets.

Waste disposal

  • The toilet isn’t a garbage disposal.
  • Never flush coffee grounds or filters, paper towels, disposable diapers or wipes, facial tissues, cat litter, or cigarettes. These items can clog your septic tank and plumbing drains in less time than you might imagine. Even if they say “Flushable” on the package, just don’t do it.
  • Use garbage disposals wisely. Garbage disposals can double the amount of solids added to a septic tank.
  • Choose a top-of-the-line disposal that grinds food into tiny particles that are easier for a septic system to digest.
  • Grease can clog the septic drainfield, making it impossible for soil to absorb liquids. If that happens, you’ll need a new drainfield.
  • Use an enzyme, such as Bioclean, monthly to keep beneficial bacteria in the septic tank and keep the drain pipes clean to the tank.

Cleaners and Bleach usage

  • Using household cleaners and bleach in your laundry kills beneficial bacteria in the septic tank, so solids won’t break down.
  • Either back off on the cleaners and bleach or add Bioclean weekly instead of monthly to supplement the beneficial bacteria in the tank.


  • Keep Trees Away from the Septic System. Trees love water and organic waste. So to avoid root damage, keep the trees away from the septic system at least 100 feet.
  • Trees with aggressive root systems should be kept even farther away from the system.

If you have a septic system a little bit of care and prevention can go a long way and save thousands of dollars in the end. Take care of your septic system and it will take care of you.
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