Garbage Disposal Upkeep

The Care and Feeding of Your Garbage Disposal Garbage disposals are designed to last only about 10 years. But here’s information on how you can forestall its inevitable demise! There are a number of events that signal the end of a garbage disposal. Here’s one of the more common: it rusts out on the bottom, . . . Read More

Caring for Your Faucets – Be Good to Your Faucets and They’ll Be Good to You!

No one likes cleaning their bathroom or kitchen. Hey, it’s hard work! But did you know that you can make your faucets last longer, and that all faucets, old and new, can help conserve huge amounts of water? It’s true, and below you’ll find the proof. A faucet is something you turn on and off. . . . Read More

Little known facts about plumbing, and the stories behind them!

Hot Water is Always on the Left, Right? (Little known plumbing facts, and the stories behind them!) Okay, it’s time for your morning shower. But before you step in, you like to get the water just right. So, per usual, you turn on the hot water first, and then adjust the temperature with just the . . . Read More

Hard Water… Not all water is created equal

Here’s some information on hard water, a common water problem that exists in 85% of the households in the United States. What to look for and how to make it go away. There are plenty of problems commonly associated with well and city water supplies. Too many to properly address in blog. Instead, we will . . . Read More

Save Money! Tips on How to Avoid Hiring a Plumber

Here’s some plumbing tips on how to save money on plumbing. Have we gone mad? Not at all. We just think there are times you really need us, and times you don’t. No doubt about it… The best plumbing tip is to minimize the need in the first place. And a good place to start . . . Read More

Credentials – Put Up, or Don’t Bother Coming In!

In these crazy times, a little bit of caution can go a long, long way. That’s why we urge you to ask every single contractor – including us – for proper identification and credentials before allowing a company technician into your home. Usually, we like to talk about accomplishments and capabilities, and how we can . . . Read More

Hidden Leaks – Today’s Leak… Tomorrow’s Flood?

Hidden leaks from leaky plumbing fixtures and pipes can be much more than a nuisance…if not dealt with swiftly and thoroughly, you could be facing major water-related damage. Leaky faucets and shower heads? Piece o’ cake, right? After all, you can see them, hear them and, very often, fix them yourself…before the constant dripping drives . . . Read More

On A Septic System? Take care of it and it will take care of you.

New septic systems are very expensive so be careful not to abuse your septic tank and drainfield/leachfield. Here are a just few ways to make your septic system last as long as possible. Water conservation Reduce water as much as possible by using lower flow aerators on faucets, water conserving shower heads on showers, and . . . Read More

Rainwater and Things You Can Do To Prevent A Flooded Basement

Uncontrolled rain water can flood a basement quickly and cause thousands of dollars in damages. Not to mention the loss of your personal possessions. Many times a homeowner is able to prevent. Here are some ways to keep your basement dry. Homeowners instinctively call a plumber to ask about installing a sump pump, replacing an . . . Read More