Drain Maintenance in Topeka

Drain maintenance is vital to ensuring that everything flows smoothly in your home or business. Contact Topeka’s top professional plumbers whether you need a regular maintenance check or drain clearing. Our plumbers strive to satisfy you and are dedicated to providing the highest quality maintenance work. We perform a complete evaluation and maintenance checks of your drains.

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We recommend having one of our qualified drain experts come out to your home or business to fully inspect and perform preventative maintenance on your drains at least one time per year.

Why is it Important to Maintain Your Drains?

Our drain care services help to sanitize and protect your drains, while helping to remove any damaging materials from your pipes. Some of our maintenance services include state-of-the-art sewer jetting that utilizes water pressure to help your pipes and drains flow smoothly.

Drain maintenance prevents costly emergencies. While performing your maintenance check, we will share with you any potential problems that we see. We will present you with options to allow you to make an educated decision on how best to proceed with any possible repairs. Our drain maintenance services and inspections are comprehensive in scope and help to prevent major catastrophes from occurring, like a major sewer line back up.

What Can Cause a Sewer Line Back Up?

Main sewer lines can back up for a number of reasons. Tree root intrusion, grease accumulation and pipe scale build up are all common causes. The type of sewer you have will influence our recommendation for how often you should have your sewer line cleaned. Here are details regarding the three types of sewer lines:

Clay Sewer Lines

Clay sewer lines were popular in construction dating before the mid-1950s. Because the average clay sewer line is 50 feet or less, there are many joints where tree roots can enter to feed off the water line. Left alone, these roots can grow and eventually create a blockage. We recommend snaking these types of lines once a year with root cutting equipment to prevent a sewer line back up.

Fiber Conduit Sewer Lines

Construction from the late 1950s through the 1960s commonly used fiber conduit sewer lines, also known as Orangeburg pipes. Because these pipes were made out of rolled wood pulp and tar, they can distort over time like wet cardboard. We recommend high pressure water jetting to safely clean this sewer at least once a year, based on the condition of the line.

Cast Iron Sewer Lines

Cast iron sewer lines have been the sewer line of choice in construction dating from the 1970s to present day. Because this sewer is made of cast iron, it can form pipe scale. Pipe scale will eventually cause a blockage if left untouched. We recommend high pressure water jetting if the sewer hasn’t been cleaned in some time. A yearly snaking should occur as ongoing preventative maintenance for your sewer.

Need drain maintenance? The drain experts at Pat Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning will consult with you to discuss your options and customize a drain maintenance program that is effective and will help you avoid possible issues like a sewer line back up.

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