Water Filtration in Topeka

Whether a point of use water filtration system or a whole house model, filters can strain the water of particulate and change the taste depending on the type of filter used. Basic sediment filters remove particles from the water. Taste and odor filters remove abnormal tastes or odors from the water. Basic water filters do not usually remove harmful bacteria or calcium/magnesium hardness from the water.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration
Reverse osmosis filtration a process by which the water is strained and cleaned of all contaminants creating pure drinking water. The process uses sediment, taste, odor, and a membrane which filters the water.

Iron filters
Remove iron in the water when a red or a rusty color is present. Many times the red water situation is due to the type of piping found within the home. Galvanized steel water piping is a major contributor to this. The City of Topeka has done a great job of updating many of their water mains to help the red water situation. A traditional salt based water softener can remove a small amount of iron in the water but is not recommended to resolve those issues. Its primary and intended purpose is to remove the calcium and magnesium. A secondary effect is small amount of iron get removed in the process.

Point of use VS whole house
Point of use is using a device at the faucet or fixture only. When you install a reverse osmosis drinking water system on your kitchen sink to deliver drinking water it is a point of use type filter. When you install a Brita water filter on the end of the faucet this is also a point of use application. Whole house water filters, water softeners, and water conditioners are usually intended to treat the entire plumbing system of the home or business. The systems are usually installed where the main water line enters the home or business.

In closing, there are different applications for different units and entirely too many situations to list so please call us if you have more questions about your individual situation.

We are always happy to properly evaluate a water system in Topeka, Kansas and the surrounding area. We can test your water and make recommendations on what the best system (s) for your home or business is.

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