EasyWater – Eco-Friendly

The EasyWater systems aim to be eco-friendly, preserving the quality of the Earth’s most precious resource, water. EasyWater systems benefit the environment and the health of consumers.

Save Energy

EasyWater systems use minimal energy, 21, 35, or 48 watts depending on the unit.

As the EasyWater removes the limescale from the inside of your water heater you will use less energy to heat your water. Limescale decreases heat transfer causing your water heater to be inefficient. . Research from New Mexico State University showed that scale buildup increased energy consumption as much as 29% in gas water heaters and 21% in electric water heaters.

Save Water

EasyWater wastes no water through a regeneration cycle. Salt water softeners use considerable amounts of water during their regeneration process. Average water softeners use between 37 – 105 gallons of water for each regeneration cycle.

Discharge NO Harmful Treatment Chemicals or Salt

Since the EasyWater uses no chemicals or salt to treat the water there are no chemicals or salt put into the water system. Salt discharged by softeners is not removed by wastewater treatment plants and ends up in our lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers. That is why salt type water softeners have recently had restrictive bans placed on them in states such as Texas, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Beneficial to Vegetation

EasyWater is beneficial to vegetation and has been proven to increase plant growth. The EasyWater can be placed on your cold water main before it splits off, treating the water going to your outside spigots.