Water Quality Services in Topeka

EasyWater, water conditioner, water softener, water filter and reverse osmosis system. What do all of these things mean and what do you need for your home? Here’s a quick overview of what they are and what they do.

Water conditioners and water softeners are different although most people use the terms interchangeably.

Water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium from the water and replace those minerals with salt. A water softener does not remove existing scale buildup. It will only prevent new buildup from occurring. An average water softener uses 30-120 gallons of water per regeneration which occurs weekly. Salt and chemicals are put into the water system. Salt discharged by softeners is not removed by wastewater treatment plants and ends up in our lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers. The system usually leaves the water with a “slippery” or “slimy” feel some say.

Water conditioners, such as the EasyWater, no-salt, water conditioning system physically change the minerals in water to prevent them from forming scale. The EasyWater system is one of the only systems that will actually remove existing scale buildup. The EasyWater system does not use salt nor does it require maintenance. It does not waste water nor does it discharge salt or chemicals into the water system. The EasyWater system does not have a “slippery” or “slimy” feel to the water although some say it feels “different”.

Water filters strain the water for debris, taste and odor. Harmful contaminants in water are not removed. Water filters can be used to treat an entire home/business or be point of use (i.e., on a faucet, sink, or appliance).

Reverse osmosis systems are generally used as a point of use system in homes. Primarily for water dispensers located at kitchen sinks, water dispensers on icemakers, and icemakers. Reverse osmosis systems remove most of the harmful contaminants from the water system. They are used commercially for car washes, hospitals, and anywhere one of the purest forms of water is needed.

There are different applications for different units and entirely too many situations to list so please call us or email us. We are always happy to properly evaluate a water system in Topeka, Kansas and the surrounding area. We can provide a free water analysis and make recommendations on what would work the best for your home or business.